Friday, April 15, 2011

Because on Rainy Days...

I just feel like writing.

The rain is pounding on my window. Lightning is flashing. And supposedly bad weather is headed our direction. Bad weather complete with strong winds, hail, and a possibility of a tornado. What a perfect weekend to do it on too. This weekend is Campus Preview Weekend, and how fun would it be to be down in a basement with an additional 200+ high school students? Hm, yes, well... maybe not.

Besides the excitement of possible storms, I'm excited that it is the weekend! Ah, yes. And today was the last day of Friday classes. Only Good Friday and an exams Friday is left. Wow. Where oh where has this semester gone to?

In other news, today I found out I get to go to an opera while in Europe. One word: excitement! Seeing an opera is on my bucket list, and getting to see one in Europe, let's just say I'm excited. It'll be great.

And, because I'm just going to keep going off on random tangents if I don't close, I'm going to go and watch "Megamind" with Bethany, Damarise, and Janessa. Who knows, maybe that tornado they're predicting will end up coming and we'll be watching the movie from the comfort of the basement. Either way, this is the perfect ending to a rainy day.

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Siân said...

I do hope that the storms weren't too terrible for you guys and that you are well.