Sunday, March 20, 2011


Birds chirping.
Sun shining.
Flowers blooming.
Windows open.
Cheerful voices.
Barefoot feet.

I do believe Spring is in the air.

Happy first day of Spring.


Joseph said...

I've waited for this Spring more than any other year. Thanks for the wonderful reminder that it isn't going to snow anymore!

amy said...

Oh, I'm thrilled for the arrival of spring...such a wonderful time of year. I spent the afternoon organizing a bunch of photos I've taken (mostly of flowers & the outdoors) and it's made me anxious to take the camera and capture the lovely-ness of spring once again :) Actually though, there's snow predicted in the forecast for tomorrow. Maybe it won't come though...and if it does I'll strive to be thankful nonetheless. I liked your list of spring time things in the post. Especially the last one--"barefoot feet" =) 'Tis a wonderful part of spring...they all are really! I hope that school is going along well for you. Miss you, Hannah!