Friday, February 18, 2011

Middle Schoolers

Out of the mouth of middle schoolers while observing a middle school classroom today:

Teacher: *drawing a triangle on the whiteboard* Oh I forgot what letters go with this triangle.

Student: Mr. ____, I think I'm gunna grow up to be like you!

Me: *thinking to myself* Aww! How sweet and precious and...

Student: Because the other day my mom told me to take out the trash and get the mail. I took the trash out and came back in the house and my mom was like, "No mail?" And I was like, "OHHH NOOOOO!!! I FORGOT!" So yah Mr. ____, I think I'm gunna be like you when I grow up cause I'm already forgetting things.

Oh, the compliments of middle schoolers. I just love them!

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