Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day[s]

Georgia was calling for snow, and lots of it. By 11pm Sunday night the first flakes were beginning to fall. And when we awoke Monday morning there were eight beautiful inches of white fluffy snow on the ground. As the day went on more snow, ice, and sleet fell, coating Lookout Mountain in a bubble of whiteness. The first day of school was canceled. Then the second day of school was canceled. And now, the third and fourth days of school have been canceled. School will, Lord willing, start up on Monday.

We have definitely been taking advantage of the snow days though. It's been a good time to bond with friends without the stress of classes. We've played games, done puzzles, watched movies, talked, and gone on hikes through snow covered forests that look like Narnia.

Today the mail room was open for a few hours, so I grabbed my textbooks for this semester and may start reading them. We shall see. For now, I'm just enjoying this winter wonderland.

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