Sunday, January 30, 2011

Overflowing with Thankfulness

I got a planner for Christmas this year. It has been one of the biggest blessings (and life savers) of my life. I didn't realize how disorganized my life was until I had a planner and realized how simple life could've been. I guess some lessons are learned from trial and error, eh?

Last Sunday as I was looking ahead for what the week would bring I wrote down Colossians 2:6-7 in my planner – ‎"So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in Him, rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness."

What a perfect verse for this week. This week I have been overflowing with thankfulness. My planner was filled with homework at the beginning of the week and by the end of the week it was filled with events that I hadn't expected and blessings on every day.

One major blessing was the possibility of a summer job. Since Damarise and I will have no home for the summer, we were basically freed up to go just about anywhere. On Friday somebody from WinShape Camps was on Covenant's campus interviewing possible camp counselors. Damarise and I, spur of the moment, applied on Wednesday and got interviewed for a job on Friday. The interview went very well, and now we're just waiting to see if we have a possibility for a summer job.

The rest of the blessings this week are the countless ways God has blessed me through friends. He has blessed me with amazing friends here. It's such an encouragement to know that even though our family will soon be half way across the world we have brothers and sisters in Christ here who care for us, love us, and encourage us.

When I got out of my interview Friday, my RA, Virginia, and I went downtown to a little bakery to sit and chat for a bit. It was a great way to begin the weekend and Virginia is a huge encouragement. I'm so thankful for her leadership on our hall.

Friday night, Micah, Davey, Janessa, Damarise and I went to Chik-Fil-A because four of us had gotten a coupon for a free milk shake from our interviewer. We had a fun time laughing, talking, and just being with each other.

Saturday morning Damarise and I woke up early and hung out at a coffee shop with Micah for a bit. It was great to start our Saturday early, and also nice to hang out with a friend.

Also, Damarise is an amazing photographer. She's updating her Flickr account once again (YES!) So be sure to check it out. I'm a proud younger sister!

This weekend the weather was beautiful! It was in the mid 60s all weekend. Damarise and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent our Saturday hiking down the mountain.

We hiked about 8 miles.

And had a ton of fun along the way.

Today we went to the early service at LMPC. It was great. The Pastor is going through the book of Matthew right now and it has been very good.

When we got back to our room we Skyped with the family. :) They make me overflow with thankfulness anytime I talk with them.

Once again the weather was beautiful, so we hung outside and talked (or rested) while enjoying the beauty of God's creation.

This week has been a tremendous blessing all around. I'm thankful to God for all that He has provided – amazing friends, great time in His Word, family, beautiful weather, and the blessing of knowing Him more.

I am overflowing with thankfulness.

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