Saturday, January 22, 2011

God is good!

An 800 word paper due Friday is beckoning me right now, but I am taking a break from that to do other writing. Using writing as a break from writing seems a little strange, but blogging is fun to do, and so much happened this week that I need to share it.

The first week of classes of second semester sophomore year is over. I feel like this week has been chocked full of business. And when this week ended all I can do is look back and laugh, thanking God for His faithfulness throughout this week.

It's been a good first week. Busy? Yes. Good? Indeed. Already this semester is looking better than last semester. There have been many laughs, stress, prayer, and meals shared this week.

I started back into a long work shift on Tuesday, complete with accidently getting nothing right. I messed up on everything I printed that morning, but my bosses are very forgiving and showed me what I did wrong. It was an interesting start back into work. But I think I'm back into the hang of things ... I think.

I dropped a class for the first time ever and I'm glad I did it. I didn't realize how stressful this semester would be. It's not necessarily the classes that are stressful, but also the fact that at some point in this semester I will be saying goodbye to my family as they head back to Zambia.

The fact that my family will be heading back to Zambia soon may be stressful, but it brings me to another reason why this week has been good. God is good! This semester I have no work or classes until 9:30 or 10:00. I love mornings, so I don't mind getting up early. Because of this I have had wonderful and long times in God's Word and praying. It's been a great start to every day. Damarise and I are also meeting with Janessa every Friday morning to share what we are learning from God, what we need prayer on, and just encouraging one another through the Word. It's been wonderful. God has been so faithful, and even though my family may be moving overseas, God is always near and He is with our whole family even if we are separated by an ocean. It's been a good reminder this week and I'm thankful for God's Word to remind me of that.

Another good thing is the friendships that are being strengthened. I've never lived around friends 24/7 and I've never been in the same place for more than 10 months (besides a few places). It's been wonderful to put down some roots here in Georgia and delve into great, strong friendships. I love it.

This week has been full of time with friends. Janessa always welcomes me into her room and always gives a listening ear to my silly stories, my messed up American idioms, and my struggles. She gives me advice and is always encouraging. My hall, Imani, got together this Thursday for a hall meeting. It was wonderful. And I don't say that lightly. God has blessed our hall with great girls. We all get along well together and spur one another to love and good works.

Today topped off the week. Micah took Damarise, Austin, Janessa and me to a little bakery in the middle of town to get some amazing donuts. Then we went to Pasha's coffee shop. (Which was an amazing coffee shop!) We sipped hot coffee while talking about school, life, God, future plans and silly stories.

I am truly thankful to God for the friends He has given me. Right now as I type this I'm looking out my window. I can see the mountains of Georgia and the sun getting ready to set. I'm so thankful that God has continued to provide for Damarise and me to be here at Covenant. I'm thankful for the friendships He has given me. I'm thankful for His Word and the time He has given me to be in it. I'm thankful for my job, even when I do muff things up. I'm thankful for a good first week. I'm thankful for the conversations and prayers this week. I'm thankful that God is faithful. I'm thankful that I can trust Him knowing that He is sovereign over all.

Thank you, God.

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