Wednesday, December 22, 2010

11 Days in 11 Photos

1. When Kathleen visited in October she hid sticky notes throughout our room, and apparently on our calendar too :) What a nice surprise to find notes from a dear friend when we flipped our calendar to December :)

2. Before finals week began, our RA, Virginia, thought up an excellent idea. The idea: blow balloons up for every exam you have and pop it when you are finished with it! YAY! Here's Damarise's and my door covered in our exam balloons.

3. On December 10th I turned 19 :) In celebration Damarise, Bethany, Janessa, and I went to Rock City to see the Christmas lights. They were beautiful and we had fun hanging out together.

4. Some of my sweet friends who have encouraged me, laughed with me, prayed for and with me, and just been a joy to be around. I love them!

5. One of our hallmates, Hope, was in the Nutcracker ballet, so of course our hall had to go and see her amazing talent displayed in the Nutcracker. It was great and Hope is one superb ballerina!

6. "On the first day of finals (my true love gave to me)" ;) On the very first day of finals I went to check my mail, and what did I find but an envelope filled with birthday cards from my siblings :) It definitely made the first day of finals much better, and made me laugh on the way down to my first exam.

7. On the first day of finals we got about an inch of snow. On the last day of finals (for me at least) we got an inch of ice. It was SO much fun! At about 10pm some friends and I went "ice skating" through parking lots. It was great!

8. Home again, home again, jiggidy jig. I arrived home Thursday, after flying from Georgia all by myself (Woo hoo! :) The Christmas tree was all set up looking gorgeous, so Sarah, Andrew and I took some pictures in the ornaments :)

9. Anna, Dad, and I celebrated our birthdays together.

10. O Christmas Tree, o Christmas tree...

11. Last but definitely not least, the Morrisons, some great friends from Mozambique, came by yesterday morning for a quick visit. It was great to see them again!

And there you have it. 11 days covered in 11 pictures. :)

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