Monday, November 01, 2010


Ah! I can breathe again. I just finished a very busy weekend and beginning of week. I had two observations to, well, observe, one big test to study for and take, one lesson plan to make, 10 review questions to answer, 7 smallish papers to write, and some extra stuff on the side, like setting up for a dance, helping paint a house, and trying to be just a little sociable. Ahhh. The relief of having that weekend behind me is wonderful :)

In other news, it is now November! Ah yes! The frigid months are coming. Something has just been seeming a wee bit weird. It has been in the upper 80s for the last several weeks. Until today, it is now in the 50s and I'm happy :) I love the cold weather. I just like all the seasons that God has blessed us with. Speaking of seasons, we had some crazy weather last week. Complete with tornado watches/warnings and all. Last Monday, Damarise and I were woken up to some very strong winds and sure enough there was a tornado warning! Eek! It didn't last long, but the next day we were under tornado watch for the entire day. Since we knew that it could turn to a tornado warning any minute we decided to watch a movie about tornado safety :) It was great!

We've also gotten out to enjoy the beauty of God's creation in this lovely season of Autumn! I love all the colours that are flowing from the tops of trees!

I've also, again, realized how much God has blessed me with the people He has place in my life! Friends from MO have been encouraging me and helping me out with a project for school, friends here are just great in listening and encouraging me and helping me study, and friends from all over the world have just been a huge blessing to me this past month. I'm so thankful to God for all the amazing people He has placed in my life!

As an example of a great friend... Kathleen stuck a sticky note on my calendar. I didn't find it 'til I flipped over to the month of November :) It brought a smile to my face :) Thanks Kathleen!

Well, that is all the news for now, hopefully I will not be so busy again, and can maybe keep this a little bit more updated :) But until next time, so long!

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