Monday, October 04, 2010

Acorn Traditions

Favourite part about Fall would have to be...... oh, there are just too many favourite parts to simply pick only one! But, for the sake of this blog post, hiking would be one of my favourite parts about Fall. The weather is perfect, the trees are gorgeous, and the sound of leaves crunching under feet is marvelous.

So, since Fall is here, hiking had to be done. :) Sunday afternoon Damarise, Emily, and I took a wee little break from studying and went on a hike. We had some fun times.

We started off our journey by finding an abandoned lighter. We picked it up, saw that it worked, and threw it in a trash can :)

Acorn traditions... made up... but SO fun/funny.

As we were hiking along we took breaks to take pictures :)

Emily! She is SO fun and sweet. She is a senior who moved onto Imani this year :) She is a wonderful addition to the hall and a wonderful friend!

Eeek! Acorns!

Have you ever eaten an acorn? If so, how are they?

We pretended we were in a band. Ha!

Emily's aunt calls the reflectors on the road, Road Turtles. :) So cute!

I'm so thankful for them!

Another pause to snap a picture :)

Oooo pretty leaves! :D

There are pokey balls here too.

I love Emily!

Fall fun. :) Oh! I just love it! I'm thankful for this season, thankful for the beautiful creation, thankful for the amazing Creator, and thankful for friends to enjoy it with!

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amy said...

Oh how fun!! Fall is my favorite season...the leaves changing colors, cooler weather, acorns, apple pie, and pumpkin's just such an amazing season. Enjoyed all the pictures. It looks like you had a blast together. The second picture, with the acorn on your nose is look so happy =)

~Blessings to you, Hannah~