Monday, June 28, 2010


This past week, Damarise and I helped our Aunt out with VBS :) We had a lot of fun doing it and a lot of fun hanging out with our Aunt, Uncle and cousin :)

Amy (our helper), me, and Aunt Penny.

I got to teach the lesson every day. It was a great experience in teaching and I found out that I still would loove to teach 5th graders! They are SO much fun :)

While at Uncle Don and Aunt Penny's we did a lot of random fun stuff....

We went on walks :)

Damarise streaked Anna's hair red for soccer camp. (her team was England :) )

We went to Parkville–an adorable town! Damarise took a lot of fun pictures :)

It's a bell!

Mini Golf! We were going to actually go mini golfing, but we got there one minute too late.

Awww :)

Oh! We got to stand feet away from a moving train (something I've never done). It was SO cool!

Walking around the park :)

To sum up the week I'd say it was filled with fun, laughs and goofiness. It was a great week spent together :) Thanks Aunt Penny, Uncle Don and Anna!


Anonymous said...

Interesting fact: Bentley Guitar Studio (the name on the bench) is where Bryan took guitar lessons for years.


Hannah Marie said...

That is SO cool :) Thanks for the interesting fact :)