Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Friends and Fellowship

I am blessed. God has given me such great friends to fellowship with here in Missouri. The people at Christ Fellowship are such a blessing and encouragement to be around. This past week we had a church picnic and it was so great to hang out and talk with friends.

Laura just started up a Bible study for some of us girls. It was great. We met for the first time yesterday and it was wonderful to just sit and listen/talk about God, His Word and prayer. I am SO thankful for these wonderful Christian friends who I can fellowship with and with who I can study God's Word and talk about Him. It is wonderful!

Another lady started up a Bible study every other Thursday. We ladies in the church get together and go through a chapter of 2 Timothy. It was been wonderful to dig into God's Word with these women and to hear what other people found while reading through 2 Timothy.

Ashley, me, and Laura at the church picnic.

Me, Amy, Laura, Sarah, and Bethany at the graduation.

Sarah, Amy, Andrew, Me, Laura, and Ian (we're doing the "pants" sign.. it's like saying "That's so hip (pants!)" ;)

I am SO thankful to God for these wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ! They are truly a blessing.

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