Monday, May 10, 2010

A little late?

I know, I know! I have not blogged in, oh goodness!, ages! I have slacked off and since I have I decided to just mesh together everything that has happened in the past few months :) So, here you have "The last few months of Hannah's life in pictures :)"

Studying :) Yes! This is a normal thing.

Friends :) The weather turned warm so we took advantage of it and went swinging one Friday afternoon :)

:) Even the shoes scream warm weather :)

Hiking shoes!

Janessa signed her name on a rock...

This is how we really are...

just kidding :)We love each other a ton.

Bethany took the Smart[t] trail cause she's just SO smart!

Kent came to visit!!! :D And is officially coming to Covenant! YAY! :D

Group of hikers :)

Gracie sent me the Wooden bull. Um, thank you Gracie... I will treasure it forever, or until I pass it on to another unsuspecting Woodbull sibling ;)

Spring formal :)

Yes, I have beautiful friends!

Art can be SO fun!

I'm SO thankful for my wonderful sister!


We have great suitemates and I'm gunna miss them SO much next semester.

Janessa came home with us for Easter break!

We toured downtown KC!

A big day. Visiting the Apple store on the day the iPad came out!

It was exciting!

And we visited an Art Museum... So neat :)

A kid's store :)

I love giraffes :)

Yep, this basically describes our friendship.

:) I love my family!

Sarah made an easter egg for the president of Covenant College.

To: President Neilson. :)


Love Chattanooga! We got to help clean out a bathroom :)

It was a lot of fun :)

I got officially accepted into the Teach Education Program at Covenant! YAY! :D

Bakertree festival. :)

Ian turned FOURTEEN!!! :D

We visited a zoo as a hall.

Damarise and I weren't sure what to make of it after seeing animals in the African wildlife :)

This was the award I won from B.E.S.T.


I got smart water for finals week... did it help??

Build campaign... or Swingdancing! :D

Kathleen drew on our board :) Thanks Kathleen :)

Damarise is a wonderful cleaner!

And this guy was hanging WAY out of his window on cleaning day!

Yah! Look at allll those note cards Damarise had! PHEW!

This wonderful gas station I saw on Friday :) Smile!

Haha! Micah and Josiah at America's Thrift... shopping for clothes for Josiah to wear in Africa :)

Haha... I just love everyone's faces in this one!

Yah, Micah and his pants... ummm

SO fun! :D

Waiting for micah :)

"Pretend you just ate a lemon!"

An AMAZINGLY beautiful flower that Stacey gave me :)

Stacey's graduation day!

Oh! I miss her!

Davey and Zach took us to Groome transportation and lunch :) Thank you guys!

And now we are home.... That was definitely a rushed update... but there you have it :D That is a glimpse of the past few months :)

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