Thursday, March 11, 2010

Visit from Mozambique

Tuesday and Wednesday the Roger family came by for a visit. It was SO great to see them. Damarise and I have babysat the Roger kids since 2004, and it has been so fun watching them grow up in Mozambique. It's almost been a year since we last saw them, and they have grown up so much. We had a wonderful visit with the kidos and Mr. Pete and Ms. Charity. Thanks so much guys for dropping by for a visit :)

Wednesday morning before the Roger's left Damarise and I took Asher and Renata to Penguin Park :) So fun!

Yes! Damarise is driving on the Missouri roads! She is an AMAZING driver!

Andrew with one of the many penguins :)

Umm, yah, he's an MK :)

ta da!

Haha :D So cute!

Damarise and Renata are up there.... can you spot them?

Awww, Asher has definitely grown up the most. He was just starting to talk when we left Mozambique. He would just talk and talk and talk, but we couldn't understand a word of it. He still talks nonstop but this time we can understand it all :D It is soo fun and he is adorable!

Andrew :D

My feet :)

Damarise and Renata by the penguin.

Renata and I... she is such a cutie!

It was SO fun to hang out with Renata and Asher! They are most definitely the cutest kidos ever!

Andrew in the Kangaroo's pouch

And my head in the Kangaroo's pouch.

Walking on the bridge.

What fun!

Hahaha, not quite sure what was happening here...

Back home Noah was playing on his own slide :)

Noah and Andrew :)

Renata is so flexible.

funny faces :D

Awwww :D

And then came the farewell.... goodbye Rogers... thank you for the fun visit! :D

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