Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow, snow, HAPPY NEW YEAR, and... oh... SNOW!

Last year at this time I was in Mozambique. If someone from the States had asked me, "Hannah, what's the thing you miss most about the USA right now?" My answer would most definitely have been –after friends and family– SNOW! Yes, in Mozambique this time of year it is scorching hot. The rains come once a day, but even then it is still like standing in front of a furnace. It was especially hard to bear when friends from the US would email and say, "Ohhh the snow is falling right now and it is SO cold.. I can't wait for summer." SUMMER! Summer?! Really! I couldn't believe that! How could people not appreciate the snow? Well, God knew that snow was something we all missed those three years in Mozambique and so He has blessed us with, not only, a white Christmas, but also white weeks after Christmas! :D I have never seen this much snow in Missouri, but wow is it ever beautiful!

A few days after Christmas the snow was still falling. Huge, beautiful flakes were falling from the sky. It looked like God was up in heaven cutting up clouds and parading them gently to earth. It was mesmerizing and stunningly beautiful.

Sarah, in all her creativeness, took the snow and molded it into a snowman :) A cute one too, if I do say so myself :)

Ohh, a little insert about new year's amidst all this snow :) We rung in the new year... well ok, it was more like bang in the new year :) Nonetheless we welcomed in 2010! Hard to believe we are already a decade into the millennium! I feel slightly... old.

Our Aunt Janiece was in town fro Christmas and the New Year. We had loads of fun playing games with her and just hanging out with her :) She's a great Aunt!

Alright, so I got really sidetracked from the snow... but this, I just couldn't resist not putting this picture up :) Yah... my brothers a little goofball :)

Aw, last night... yep, SNOW!!! :D It was stunning, again, watching it fall from the sky and coat the ground, once more, in a layer a shimmering whiteness :) What an amazing Creator we serve!

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