Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Year Behind Us. (2009 Highlights)

Seems hard to believe that the end of 2009 is already here. Honestly, it feels like 2009 just started... well, no, it doesn't. It actually feels like it is still 2003 and that we'll soon be in 2004 not 2010. Either I am really far behind in time, or time is just flying by. Maybe it's a little bit of both. Either way, 2009 is ending and it has truly been an extraordinary year. I don't think so much stuff has occurred in one year ever before, and 2009 definitely had some pretty landmarking moments. I'll try to go month by month and list something amazing, interesting, or perhaps just not that thrilling that happened this year.


January, ah the very beginning of 2009. And the beginning of our last year in Mozambique. It was bittersweet. As the weeks of January went by nothing to exciting happened. Damarise took our passport pictures, and maybe I'm just super into passports and traveling and whatnot, but I think it's really cool to show someone my passport and say,"My sister took my picture :)" Haha. Anyways, January 18th dawned and life as I knew it turned upside down, inside out and just all confused. January 18th marked us and the Woodrows being family for 2 years, but that date, January 18th, 2009, ended up becoming something much more. Ian was in the clinic and what I found out later, basically on his death bed. He almost died more than once in the weeks that followed. I've seen God answer prayers. Prayers like, "Please help me find my missing purse..." But never in my life have I prayed so hard for God to save my little brother. And God in His great mercy saved Ian from death. Wow! Talk about a faith building experience to start the year off with. It was truly extraordinary! And we serve a GREAT and MIGHTY God! No doubt about that!!


February was more like a breather after the ordeal with Ian. We were in South Africa for the whole month because Ian needed to be there for check ups. We also got to spend some time at a beach. And the highlight of the month... Dad's brother and sister came out to visit us! :D We had a lot of fun with them and it was nice to show them a little taste of "home" :)


We came back to Mozambique and kicked highschool into high gear! Damarise and I were still unsure of where we would be going to college. We also spent a lot of that month packing up.


We packed up everything. Spent a week with the Woodrows. Said some sad goodbyes and then left Mozambique for... who knows how long. Mozambique was the longest place us kids had lived in since Arkansas. It was definitely a sad month.


May was filled with happiness and sadness. In May, Damarise and I officially (well... we didn't have our diplomas... but we were done!) graduated highschool. It was a nice feeling. We also knew we would go to Covenant College. We said some sad goodbyes to the Woodrows and friends in South Africa. And we got to fly again for the first time in three years. I love flying so I was thrilled! And we were going "home". I hadn't been there in 3 years! Crazy! We got back to Missouri and were greeted with the spring air, flowers blooming, berries and family! It was wonderful!

June and July:

I thought I'd put these two months together because they were both months of travel! But wonderful months too :) We got to visit churches, friends, family and it was wonderful! It was nice to reconnect with old friends and also eat some yummy American food :) We also began attending Christ Fellowship in Missouri and it has been a wonderful church body to be apart of. The church welcomed us in and the youth group and college group showed us so much love. It was very sweet. :)


As if this year hadn't had enough excitement already, there just had to be something more. August Damarise and I stepped into the next phase of life. College! We started at Covenant College and met new friends and went to classes and began a whole new life. :)


The college lifestyle began to sink in a little bit more. We weren't at summer camp, this was life. I also started my practicum at a middle school in Chattanooga. What a wonderful experience that was! I'm so thankful for all God taught me through that.


October was out first break from school. Ah, it was muchly needed! Kathleen invited us to her home for Fall break and it was a wonderful break :)


We got to go home for the first time since college! It was wonderful to see all of my siblings again and it was nice to spend Thanksgiving as a family :)


And the end of the year. The beginning started off with a bang and the year ended with some big things too. Both Damarise and I passed our first semester at college. I became an adult :D And I got braces! Phew, it was a busy month :P

Those are just a few of the many many things that have happened this year. To end this year I'd have to say Soli deo Gloria! To the glory of God alone! That is what this whole year has been. God has shown His glory in more ways than I could have ever imagined. From the big things, like Ian and malaria, to the tiniest thing, like I have a bed to sleep in! He is faithful and keeps His promises and I am so thankful for all He did in 2009! It was a WONDERFUL year!

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