Friday, January 29, 2010

Chalk, Thoughts, & Life.

It has been quite the week to say the least. So much can happen in a week it just blows me away. Monday and Tuesday seem to go at a normal pace. Wednesday seems to drag on forever. But once the week hits Thursday and Friday, zoom! The week is over and the weekend has begun. Crazy! So, what all has happened this week to make it quite the week?

First about the chalk, and yes, this does have something to do with my week ;) Tuesday morning I woke up too early for my liking. I got ready to go to breakfast and then class. Lydia, Stacey, Janessa and I all walked out of Andreas together ready to make the trek up to the Great Hall for breakfast. As we walked out of Andreas we were greeted by the sun not yet peeking up from behind the mountains, but subtly making the clouds glow. The air was chilly and honestly I was not happy to be out in it. All that I wanted to do was crawl straight back into bed and sleep for another four hours. Well, I knew that wasn't going to happen, so on I trekked. I got up to the first sidewalk when I saw something written in chalk on the sidewalk. I figured someone had either written a joke, lyrics, or drawn a crazy picture. I was wrong. Someone had written out a verse. I can't even remember what verse was written out, but it was just what I needed to read that morning. It was so encouraging. The rest of the sidewalk up to the Great Hall was covered in Scripture. One verse every ten feet. Talk about encouraging! Oh! What a great way to start the morning. I'm not sure who spent all that time writing out verses, but I'm thankful. :)

As the week progressed I heard about a program that a church in downtown Chattanooga does. This program is called GLAD and is an afterschool program designed to help "tutor" kids and befriend them. I began praying about being a part of this and felt like it was a really great opportunity for me to be with kids and also do something related with my major (middle grades education for those of you who don't know). So, come Wednesday I'll be helping out with this program. If you think of it please pray for me. I'm sure it will be really great, but I'm still anxious about going into a new situation.

Friday, today, or maybe tomorrow by the time I finish this post up, was a great, no, marvelous! The way this week ended just could not have been more wonderful! Woke up to go to work like usual, and went to work... like usual. Then got a cup of coffee and went to Intro to Literary Studies class. Had a great class time and then went to chapel. Our chapel speaker for the week couldn't make it this week so the chapel department had to find someone to fill in for today. The fill in- Dr. Ward! :D Oh! I love Dr. Ward! I had him for Old Testament last semester and he was my favourite teacher. Always encouraging, down to earth, loving, and an amazing Bible teacher. Well, his chapel message was SO encouraging. Just what I needed to hear. He talked from Lamentations 3 and spoke on God's faithfulness. It was amazing.

When chapel ended Chaplain Messner got up to make an announcement. The announcement: The whole campus is closing down in fifteen minutes due to bad winter weather. Ha! Bad winter weather in Georgia. I thought it was a joke. When we got outside of the chapel I did laugh. The sky was a little grey, the weather a little cold, but really? Bad winter weather. Some of us chuckled, but were happy about it nonetheless. Well, within the hour I figured out what bad winter weather we had. Within two hours we had 3 inches of snow on the ground... in GEORGIA! Craziness! But beautiful! Right now the whole campus is covered in a soft white blanket of snow. It is stunning. :)

And that is my week in a nutshell. A very very tiny nutshell. Basically, just to wrap it all up, God is faithful in all things and this week is proof of that.

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