Sunday, October 25, 2009

Random Moments are SO much fun!

#1: When we got back from Fall Break and even during Fall Break we all came down with a cold. Ugh. We sounded miserable, and felt miserable too. :P So we got a picture to capture those fun memories of being Sniffle, Cough and Sneeze :)
**one of the cool things about having a cold (yes.. there was actually something neat in all of this :) ) was that we had a cold while it COLD outside!! :D That hasn't happened in about 3 years, so it was really cool. :D

Having a cold has made me SUPER thankful for nice hot tea :D Ah!

#2: Janessa and I were lifting weights one night, and I was holding the weight over Janessa's foot. Janessa was like,"Hannah! Don't drop that on my toes or you'll break them!" Break them? Hmmm.. maybe. Well, because I was unsure about that, Janessa decided to prove her point by dropping the weight on a pencil. Um, I guess she was right. The poor helpless pencil was crushed!

#3: Friday night the Great Hall served us banana splits!! :D I haven't had a banana split in.. oh wow... a long long LONG time. Mmmm.. it was so good! :D Thanks Great Hall!

#4: Fall is here! And I absolutely loove this season! :D Damarise, Janessa, Bethany and I went on a walk to see all the loverly fall colours! :D

#5: This is Andreas! :D My home sweet home!

#6: Anddd Andreas has some LOOOONG staircases! After our walk enjoying the fall colours we went to find the basement of Andreas... we found it :)

#7: Andreas got together Saturday morning in Chattanooga to help serve the city. Imani (my hall) got to help out at a community kitchen. We all had loads of fun organizing stuff, cleaning, and decorating a gingerbread guy :P

Some of the organizing that took place with some but not all of the organizers :)

Almost all of Imani who went to help out :)

#8: Saturday afternoon, Damarise, Janessa and I decided to go watch the soccer game. It was SOO cold so we didn't stay too long, but when we left the Scotts were winning :D Yeah!

#9: I know, I know, I've already said this once, but it is SO worth saying again... I LOVE fall!!

#10: Yep, this is definitely a random moment... this is to show what floor we live on.. the 4th! :D YEAH!

#11: I'm starting to look into my classes for next semester. I met with my AMAZING advisor on Friday to talk about the classes. She gave me a list of all the ones I should take. I am SO thankful for her (and the list she made) without that I'd be totally lost as to what classes I should take next :)

#12: Yes, yes, another random thing, but totally cool! My laptop has a card reader :D And it has been SO fun to stick in my memory card and import my pictures like that instead of having to find the camera cord and go through that whole hassle. Yah, I love my computer! :)

Now that I've showed random pictures of random moments of my week, how about a cool story to close with? Ok, the verse in Isaiah.
Isaiah 40:31-"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."
I've always read that and found it so encouraging and neat. But the illustration about eagles wings and soaring on them... that always was confusing for me. Well, the other day in Old Testament class (one of my favourites! The teacher is SO great :D) Dr. Ward asked us if we knew how baby eagles learned to fly. None of us knew how, so he began to describe the process to us. Before the babies are born the mom makes the nest as comfortable as she can. She finds cushiony supplies to line the next with and warm things to keep her babies warm. When the eaglets hatch the mom is constantly supplying them with food. But, when the mom decides her babies need to learn to fly she will strip the nest of everything comfortable, only feed them what they need and then push the babies out of the nest. WHAT?! I couldn't believe that! But then Dr. Ward continued. The mom pushes the baby out of the nest and because the nest is up very high the bird is plummeting towards sure and certain death when all of a sudden the momma bird is underneath the baby. The mom catches the baby on its wings and brings the baby back up to the nest to do the same thing over and over again. Wow! After Dr. Ward finished that story the verse in Isaiah just became a whole lot more cooler :) When we place our hope in the Lord we will soar on wings like eagles. Christ will always be there, just like the mom eagle :) Wow! What a great and glorious God we serve! :D

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