Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What a Wonderful Wednesday!

This morning I woke up to my alarm clock loudly dinging in my ear. Oh! I don't think I've written anything on here about my alarm clock. Well, for those of you who don't know, I have an alarm clock with the bells on top :) And it's dinging is super loud! So, this morning I woke up to the super loud dinging, shut it off as fast as I could and laid in bed for a bit really not wanting to begin the day, but alas I knew time was flying by and I had places to be. So I read my Bible, prayed, and then crawled out of bed to get ready for the day. And what a wonderful day it was! :D

#1: It was 9/9/09! A very cool date to say the least :D

#2: I had breakfast in the Great Hall and got a lot of reading done :) The Great Hall also had raisin bran which was just so good!

#3: Then I was off to work study. My job is to clean the library. As of last week, I had never ever in my life been into a guy's bathroom, now, I'm cleaning one almost every day :P Funny how quick some little things in life can change ;) Anyways, while I was cleaning the bathrooms I pulled out a rag to wipe stuff with and it was a Razorbacks rag :D Awww, it made me think of Arkansas and all my friends there :)

#4: After work study, which seemed to go by really fast :D, I went down to Brock to wait for my next class. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I always have 30 minutes in between work study and my next class, so I sit outside on a bench and get some reading done before class :) This morning it was a lovely morning so I sat out on the bench and got a lot of reading done again :D

#5: Math for Educators was my first class and it went sooo well this morning! I learned some stuff and learned how to explain other stuff and all in all it was a good class.

#6: Chapel :) We have it Monday, Wednesday and Friday and it is always great! It definitely brightens up my days :)

#7: Then I had my favourite class, Intro to Teaching. I have a wonderful teacher who is just great at what he does! The class is also wonderful and we have some really good and thought provoking conversations in that class. I always leave it wanting to teach right away :D

#8: After that wonderful class I went to lunch. Mmm I love pickles :D I just found out the other day that the Great Hall has pickles! Yummm! I ate with Damarise and it was nice to catch up with her. I hardly ever see her throughout the day which is really weird :P

#9: Then came Practical Service. I did mine in Sanderson and cleaned some classrooms, staircases, and the kitchen. It went well :)

#10: I then had Old Testament Intro class. What a great class that is! :) I love my teacher for that class as well... especially after today! ... See, we have a paper due Friday for his class. The paper is on a book that I have barley gotten into. I was planning on finishing the book tonight and maybe starting on the paper as well, I was not looking forward being up late tonight though... oh well, such is life. But this afternoon as we were all sitting in his class he gave us the most exciting news... he decided to postpone the due date till next friday! YEAH!!! Oh! It was soo wonderful to hear! :D One student even went up there and gave him a hug :D Yah, it was exciting and definitely made my afternoon!

#11: As soon as that class ended I headed back over to the Library to do 2 more hours of work study. I hung out with Bonnie (the girl who I work with) and we cleaned and talked. :D It was nice. And then... the rains came! :D It was wonderful! We had a small downpour, but oh, it was so refreshing! :D And smelled wonderful :)

#12: After work I went to the Great Hall and ate dinner. Then I came back to my room, settled down with a cup of honey green tea (Thanks Mom :D) And started to read my book for tomorrow when out of my window I saw clouds moving by super fast! It was the neatest thing.. it must've been fog, but it was still really cool to see clouds zooming past the window at window level. :) And then I thought... hmmm... this day has just been so great, I should really blog about it :D And that's what I'm doing now :) Blogging about all the wonderful things that have happened today. What a great God we serve to provide us with small and large blessings all throughout the day :)

#13: One last great thing about today.. well... technically tomorrow.. I get to sleep in :D I don't have class til noon! Yippy!!! That is one exciting thing for me :D

And on that happy note I will close :)


Siân said...

You're so funny!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had such a great Wednesday! Thanks for blogging about it. It's fun to get a little picture of your life at college! Love you!