Saturday, September 05, 2009

And how do you feel about that?

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The weekend is here!! Which means... that I have now finished my first full week of classes! Wow! What a week! There is so much to tell, and yet so little time. So I thought I'd give the highlights of my week in a "How do you feel about that?" way... :)

#1: A full week of classes Monday through Friday, plus work study! How was it?

It was wonderful! Stressful and a tad bit overwhelming at some points, but as a whole, it was fabulous! Classes are great! I love my teachers. Intro to Teaching is definitely one of my many favourites. :) And as far as work study goes... well, I am working in the library, cleaning it actually, and I'm so glad I have that job! The library is clean almost all the time so it's not to gross to clean :)... So yes, all that to say, my first week was amazing!

#2: Imani is wonderful!

Imani (faith in swahili) is the hall I live on. It is a wonderful hall full of godly girls! Here's a few snapshots of life with Imani :)

This is Sarah and Courtney. Courtney's my suitemate and Sarah lives a bit further down the hall.

This is another Sarah who is hilarious :D

Sarah and Courtney.

Sarah and Stacey. Stacey is our RA and a wonderful wonderful RA!

And this is Andreas, the dorm. We are way up top ;)

This is Bethany. :)

And some of us Imani girls went down to check out the gym... we felt strong just standing by it ;)

#3: There are many different things to see or watch around here.

And that is so true! Last Saturday night we saw everything from sword fighting...

To ultimate frisbee. :)

And there are some stunning views all around Covenant. We are on top of a mountain and wow! The views are amazing.

We see beautiful flowers and greenery. :)

#4: Any big events coming up?

Big events... well... there is a thing coming up called Kilter, where a girl asks a guy to a dance. Soo, some of our hallmates asked two guys who they didn't know to go with them :) It was fun to watch them ask :D

But first came the choosing.. which guys, which guys...

Then the invite... to which the guys of course said yes :)

#5: And Chattanooga?

We went to Chattanooga last Saturday night to wander around and see some of the town :) It is a really cute looking town once you get into it :)

It also has some interesting art and statues.


Oh! And Chattanooga also has a glass bridge over a highway! Scary!

#6: Anything else?

Here's some randomness from the past week. :)

Sunday we went to Guthrie's for dinner since the cafeteria doesn't serve dinner on Sundays. It was a good meal and fun to hang out with our hall :)

Last night we went to a drive in! So cool!! I have never been to a drive in before and it was really fun!

The huge screen :)

Some of the girls.

The Imani Sarahs.

Damarise's and my wonderful suitemates, Kathleen and Courtney.

And Stacey and me :)

#7: Major highlights of the week?

•We got a package from Mom and Dad in our mail :D A wedding invitation, and a letter from Renata! Awww :D I love getting mail :D

•There was a ton of fog the first few mornings of this week! I wish I'd gotten a picture, but I will sometime. It was so pretty!

•Tonight our hall and our brother hall are going to swingfest together. :) Fun fun!

And on that note, I guess I'll close. :)

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Sarah Wingerd said...

Awesome! Glad you're having such a great time:)

Sarah Wingerd