Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Girl's Night Out

Thursday night Victoria treated us girls and her sisters to dinner at a fish restaurant. I actually don't like fish, but we had these amazing fish tacos and they were delicious!

We all ordered the same thing. Fish tacos. Yum!

After dinner we walked around the Promenade (an outdoor mall) and went into some shops :)

First we went to Claire's and tried on some sunglasses...

and some fake hair.

We're all little princesses. :)

I have some great friends!

Sarah and Elizabeth :)

Trying on hats.

Sarah and Elizabeth look French... I think it's French... they look European at least ;)

This cute little bear backpack! It's just what I've always wanted ;)

I love this hat!!

Hmmm... these sunglasses are interesting.

Boy! I have a BEAUTIFUL sister!!

I love cowgirl hats!

Sarah and Elizabeth :)

Aww, look at those smiles :)

We are SO smart!

Then we went to Payless to try on some fun shoes.

Ouch! these we painful!

What bright, bright colours! :)

I love all these shoes! :)

Flip flops :)

These shoes had high heels!

What fun!! :D

I felt like Dorthy in these red shoes... "There's no place like home... there's no place like home"

Us at the Promenade.

All of us :) This kind lady came up and offered to take a picture of all of us together :) How nice!

Then we were in front of this neat looking store and couldn't resist taking some pictures.

Sarah and Elizabeth.

And again.

Victoria and I.

Emily and I.

Damarise and Victoria.

Damarise and Emily.

Haha... Ooo la la! It's a guy... mannequin

Friends Forever.

Is that three mannequins?? Or is it Sarah and Elizabeth?

Awww :)

Oh! This was cool! There were "h"s all over the Promenade.... :D Cool!

Fish City Grill... where we ate dinner.

Then off to the car we went...

It's so cool that Victoria can drive!!

Sarah and Elizabeth found a comfy way to sit... I'm not sure if Emily and I liked it though :P

At Target :)

Everything Target :)

Thank you Victoria for paying for dinner and for driving us around! And thank you Emily, Victoria and Elizabeth for the fun night!!! I had loads of fun and made some great memories! :)

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