Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fun with Meredith!

Meredith took us girls out for a fun afternoon! :) We went walking around the Promenade (an outdoor mall), went into some fun shops like Bath and Bodyworks. Yum! They have some good smelling stuff! We also went into a cookware shop :) They have some cool utensils for cooking. Like a mango pitter! How cool is that?!

After looking around in stores we went out to Taco Bell! Yum! I love Taco Bell's tacos!

After a tasty lunch we headed off to put-put golf!!! :D Meredith was amazing at it!

Yeah!!! We had fun!

The golf course.

After golfing we went to Braum's for icecream! Yum! It was good!

Thank you Meredith for the fun afternoon and for all the good food! We had a blast with you!!!

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