Thursday, May 07, 2009

Farewell to Family

Tuesday night, after a FUN day at Gold Reef City, a local amusement park (a post about that to come once we are in the States and I can upload a lot of pictures really fast ;) ) , we said goodbye to the Woodrows. It was a sad goodbye, not knowing when we'll see them again. But I am SO thankful to God for letting us get to know each and every one of them! They have been a huge blessing to our lives and I will miss them tremendously. Lord willing we will get to see them again in the US. :) I hope so because it is really sad being so far away from my other five siblings. Miss you all Woodrows!!!

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Elsa said...

Aw :.( So sad that you all must part company. Waahaahaaa!! :( I'm miss seeing you all together. But you'll all be back together again before you know it! Love ya, Hannah!