Thursday, March 26, 2009

Something Cool for Those HOT Days

There are days in Mozambique where I feel like I am slowly melting. Ok, ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, but seriously, there are days when the heat is just exhausting and we don't feel like doing anything except to sit down underneath a fan with something cold to drink. And since we have those days, Damarise and I came up with our... hmmm... not sure if we have a name for them, but our Iced-Chocolate-Smoothie-Type-Thing. :) Something nice and cold for those hot days :)

We made them Thursday and a big thank you to Mrs. Richardson for the whip cream :) Mmm it totally made it!! The Richardsons brought back some whip cream for everyone after their trip to Egypt (Cool!!) and we put it on top of our chocolate things. :) It looked SO pretty :) So of course, we had to get a picture :) Mmmm... they were good!

Thank you Richardsons! :D

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