Thursday, March 26, 2009

Goodbye VI kiddies :(

Wednesday marked our last day to babysit for the VI team meetings. We haven't babysat since we got back from South Africa... so our first time babysitting... was our last time. We had a nice time watching the kiddies and I know I'm going to miss them all SO much! The VI team has some amazing kids! Well behaved and respectful and it is always a joy to get to watch them! Damarise and I love doing it and we will definitely miss them all!

Okk... so since it was our last time we snapped a lot of pictures. :) 

Noah found a frog and named it Sammy :) He kept it in a bucket for a while just to look at and then let it free :) 

Damarise and Renata... She is the cutest girl in the whole world!!!

Renata and me. I love this lil' girl!!!

Noah and his froggy :) ... haha... he was laughing cause he turned the frog around right when Damarise went to take the picture :P Silly boy!

Ummm... Noah was climbing up a tree... and was hanging on a branch when that branch broke! *scary!!* he was fine and dandy and the place on the tree where the branch had broken was leaking this creamy looking stuff. Weird! 

All the Roger kids have these adorable crocs! :D

Is he cute or is he CUTE?! Asher is one adorable looking boy!!! :D

He can right the first letter of his name! WOW!!!! Way to go Asher!! :D 

Haha, Noah and Emily were showing us there Tae Bo skills ;) 

Noah was the guard of the tree :) 

Damarise showing Renata and Emily the video she took of them. 

Awwwww :)

Asher is so cute! :D

My feet :)

Awwww Ms. Damarise and Asher :)

Asher and me... hehe... he's such a goofball :)

Swing fun! :D

Just thought this was a cool picture of Asher's hat :)

Damarise and I with all the kids that were there Wednesday. 

Kris in the office downstairs :) 

The Mozambican flag :) I love it! It's so colourful :) ... 

And that's the end of all of our babysitting adventures for Mozambique :( I'm going to miss it SO much! Maybe someday we'll get to hang out with all the VI kidos again :) Who knows.... 

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