Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Years Party: 2009

2009!!! Can you believe it is already here?! It's amazing!!!! Soo what did you do to ring in the new year? We partied!! 

Andd since it is the start of a new year (And that is one special day!) I needed some special jewelry to go with it :) Mom bought paperclips for me so that I could make some earrings, but my my were they ever hard to bend. But I do have two very very strong and creative brothers so they helped me make '09 earrings :) And Mom made me an '09 necklace. Thank you Ian, Andrew and Mom! 

All the missionaries got together to ring in the new year at the Cunningham's farm. It's so pretty out there. 

My amazing photographer sister took this cool picture of a fence post :)

Some people played volleyball.

And some of us watched :) 

Dad grilled some breakfast sausages and hotdogs for us to eat :) mmmm Thank you Dad! 

Ohhh and we covered ourselves in bug spray. The last time we spent the night at their place Damarise and I came down with cerebral malaria, and we really did not want to experience that again, so we basically put on another layer of skin.... bug repellant! 

Esther and Annie :) Two fun friends!

Roasting marshmallows. Mmmmm...

Gracie with her perfect marshmallow. Slightly burnt on the outside, yet gooey and melted inside. :)

Some of the youth group gals :)

And Asher :) Awwww what a CUTIE!!! 

The youth group girls and Renata :)

Getting ready to Scottish dance. It was sooo hot outside that when we started dancing everyone was dripping with sweat (eww...) But it was fun :D


After we danced for a bit we sat down and sang some songs and then prayed. 

After singing and praying we did a bit more dancing. 

Around 11:30pm everyone had gone home but the youth group (We were all spending the night) we played some outside games, danced, played more games, lit sparklers :), and then cheered and hugged and said HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :D And we went around and said how shocked we were that it was already the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009! :D Around 1ish I went to bed, and most everyone else did except a group of girls who decided to do an all nighter :P haha... they were wiped out the next day :) But I'm sure they had fun doing it. 

Anywho, that was my new year's celebration. I hope everyone else had a WONDERFUL time welcoming in 2009! And again, Happy New Year!

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