Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Week with the Woodrows: Wednesday

Since I was still down with a fever, Damarise took Gracie to go babysit the VI kids. 

The VI had their Christmas party. Damarise and Gracie were telling us some of the funny Christmas stories people told :) Sounded like they had a nice time :D

That afternoon Damarise went picture crazy! (I love it when she does that!)

Cool flower!

Beautiful siamese twin trees. 

I love rain drops on flowers. 


"Don't walk on the grass" in Portuguese. 

Babysitting wore Gracie out! :P Hehe... so did the rainstorm, chilly afternoon and hot cocoa. 

Bethy and Damarise decided to cook again :) So they made their favourite pie... Yep, pecan pie!


Andrew loves it! :D

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