Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Get well soon!

Guess who's foot is in the cast? Anyone, anyone? Kent! :( Yep, poor Kent broke his foot on Thursday. Ouch! He was running around the track in the morning, like a usually morning, when he tripped on a can. The Woodrow's track have cans around the rim to show where you are supposed to stay, the cans are filled with cement so they are rock hard! He came inside with his foot swollen. About half way down his foot it looked like he was sprouting another ankle. It was gross! Throughout Thursday Kent's foot grew bigger and bigger and turned darker and darker. :P He got it x-rayed that night and Uncle Charles noticed a fracture in his bone. Friday morning Uncle Charles and Kent went to the foot doctor and sure enough, his foot was broken. He has to keep this cast on his foot for the next three weeks. Please be praying for him that it won't be too painful! Thanks! 

Also, a lil' bit of humor to go along with this story... Kent was sitting on the couch in his parents room with his foot up on a pillow. It was turning blue and he said it was painful. Aunt Julie told him he should put ice on it. Damarise and I were in there and we quickly agreed! Yah! Ice would make it feel loads better. But silly Kent said, "No. Men don't use ice." Haha, okk whatever! A while later he was still saying his foot hurt. Damarise told him he should put ice on it, but we got the same response. That night he went to the Dr. When he came home we asked him if the Dr. said anything about putting ice on his foot. "Ice? No, he said 'Men don't use ice.'" Haha! Yah, right. Well, Friday he came back from getting his cast and he says, "You know what the Dr. asked me when I went there?" "Umm... no what?" "He asked if I had put ice on my foot." Haha, Damarise and I started laughing. Kent said, "I told him 'No. Men don't use ice." (Haha... sure :P ) And the Dr. said, "Well, next time you should use ice, it would've made it feel better. :) Hehe... it gave us all a good laugh :D 

Anyways, if your thinking of Kent any time this week please remember to pray that his foot would heal up all the way. Thanks! 

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