Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Week with the Woodrows: Saturday

Saturday :D The weekend! Yahoo! 

Ian and Andrew fixed bikes :) 

We were tired! So we laid around and played games :)

Bethy and Gracie have started this amazing ministry on Saturdays. They have girls from the bairos nearby come to their house and they do crafts with them and a bible lesson. It is a really neat mission and they are reaching out to girls their own age!  They do that every Saturday afternoon, so if you remember please be praying that the Lord will use their time and effort to bring more people to Himself. Thanks!

After Bethy and Gracie were done Sarah, Gracie and I decided to lay out on a sheet on the grass. While we did that it started raining. :D nice! Gracie and I laid out on the sheet through the whole rain storm :) It was fuuun! 

Double rainbow! 

Sarah and Gracie rode bikes after the rain. 

After dinner we decided to play rook. We split up Kent and I against Damarise and Bethy. And for the other side of the table Andrew and Ian against Sarah and Gracie. 

Kent and I were not getting good hands! But it was still fun!!

Damarise and Bethy were winning by far! They were elated. 

Um, we were losing... haha..

Yah, Bethy loves winning! 

And Kent is trying to figure out how we can win :D hehe

Haha... the other side of the table had a loud game!!! It was hilarious to watch them play! Gracie and Andrew's faces say a lot about the game! haha. 

The final score of our game. Damarise and Bethy want to frame this and give it to everyone for Christmas. *Yeah* 

Andrew and Benaiah played with action figures while we were playing Rook. 

The Rook table. 

The winners! 

Oh my goodness! We WON!

Awww brother and sister!

Qui-Gon-Jinn. Andrew and Ian's "Lucky Charm" hehe... ok not really :P 

All of Damarise and Bethy's fans trying to get into the pic.... or mess up the pic :P

The pic of the winners. We wanted another one since this one's blurry but the winners said we would have to pay for another one of them. Haha! ... While the were SO happy about winning they went upstairs to tell Uncle Charles. While Damarise and Bethy were coming back down the stairs the started to hum the wedding march. Haha, we all stopped and were like, "WHAT?!" Haha.... they meant to hum, "All Hail the Chief." Haha, whoops, they restarted their song and came down :) hehe... 

Andrew's happy :D

Aww Chiquita. 

Ian and Chiquita. 

The winners from the other game. Good job guys! 

Damarise and Bethy are now being sponsored by a toothpaste company since they won Rook. Haha! 

What a FUN day!!!

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