Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Friday, the 19th, was Dad's birthday! He wasn't here though to celebrate it. (We've now missed his birthday two times in a row! Last year he was in Missouri.) Anyways, we celebrated it yesterday. :) 

The birthday boy. With his new shirt from Ouma and Oupa and his new glasses :D Cool! 

Reading cards. 

Oooo some of the presents. 


Hehe, a fan, that he said he probably won't use :P 

Awwww... a thank you kiss. 

Dad and his icecream cake! YUM!

Yah, YUM! :D

That night we played Rook :) haha... it was a FUN game of Rook :) 

Hehe, trying to decide if they should bid high and bring someone down in the hole with them... 

Sarah's hoping it won't be her!

Me too!

It was a fun time getting to celebrate Dad being in our family! I am so thankful for the Dad that God has blessed me with! He his fun, funny, can always make us laugh. He is loving, caring and wise. He teaches us from God's Word and helps us grow more in our understanding of Him. And he is an amazing example of someone who has put all their faith in God. Dad has given up a great tenured job, left everything we every knew, and followed God everywhere He has led. It is so neat to see that in Dad's life. Dad prays and trusts that God will lead us each step of the way and it is amazing to see that kind of faith. Thank you Dad for being a wonderful Dad to me and an example of someone I want to be someday. I love you so much! Happy birthday!

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