Monday, November 03, 2008

A Phone Call, A Surprise and 197 Days!

Saturday night, Damarise and I got to *drumroll...big drumroll* talk to Ruth!!! We haven't talked to her for over a year and it was wonderful!! Not only did we get to talk to her, but we also got to share a surprise. About 4 or 5 months ago Damarise and I had a brainstorm. Like I've said before, I love brainstorms :) This brainstorm came about a couple years ago. When we moved to Mozambique, Damarise and I said, jokingly, "We should go back when Ruth graduates and surprise her!" Well, all of our grand ideas never seem to work out. But isn't it cool how God orchestrates everything?? We realized a few months back that we would be leaving Mozambique in time to make it back when Ruth graduates! Then the planning began. :) We asked Mrs. Dyck if it would be alright. We raised enough money for our flight. And we got flight dates planned out. Before we knew it everything had fallen into place! God is good!! And Saturday night when we talked to Ruth... we got to tell her the news. We're going to Ruth's graduation!!!! :D :D 197 days! Wow! I cannot wait! I have missed Ruth a lot! She is definitely a wonderful friend and it will be great to see her again! :)

(We were elated to get to talk with Ruth :) ... even if there were a lot of lulls in the conversation :P hehehe)

Yeah for Skype!!!! :D :D 

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