Monday, October 06, 2008

Trip to Malawi.

Wednesday, we started our journey to Malawi so that Damarise and I could retake our SAT. 

We got to the Woodrow's place at 6:30am and dropped off Sarah, Ian, Andrew and our car. We packed everything into the Stolk's car and loaded up with them. The Stolks had to go to get there car permit renewed (Or something like that.) Anyways, we hit the road around 7:15am

Mom by the car at the stop we made to eat lunch :)

Dad and Oupa in the front seats. 

We got to Melanje, a town in Mozambique about 15 minutes away from the Malawian border, around 3:30pm. We spent Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday night with this South African couple. They had wonderful food! :)

Mom and I hanging out on the porch. There was a nice breeze! 

One of the flowers that covered the property. 

The back of the house.

Not sure why, but I like this pic :)

A cool shot of a bench seat. 

Oupa helped Damarise and I study for the SAT. It was a blast getting to study with him! :)

Friday morning we left Melajne to go to Malawi. 

The car at the Malawian border. I was SO excited to get to go to another country! The 9th country I have been to! How cool is that?!

In Malawi!  haha... while driving through this town we passed by a store sign. The name of the store was: "Hot guys carpentry" HAHA!

We arrived at a British couple's guest house around 2:30pm. They had a beautiful place!

I loved their landscaping!

We stayed in the place with the gate door. 

Us enjoying dinner Friday night. 

Saturday morning. October 4th! 2 years since we first came to Mozambique. And the day of our SAT! We woke up early and got to the campus around 7. 

St. Andrew's high school was where we took it. 

We took it in the room to the left. There were only two other kids besides Damarise and me. It was nice (compared to the 80 other students last time!) and definitely less nerve racking. It got kind of hot in the room, but the teacher put on a floor fan. In the middle of the SAT though the electricity went off. Haha! I was in the middle of doing a section, but it was so hard not to stop and laugh! Only in Africa would something like that happen :) It definitely made for a memorable SAT! :)

Dad had made us milkshakes to celebrate! Mmm they were good and had fresh nectarines in them! YUM! I haven't had nectarines since we came to Africa! 

Damarise and I happy... no... overjoyed to be DONE with the SAT!

The mall. 

A beautiful tree in the middle of a tea plantation. Malawi is covered in tea plantations. It is beautiful!

A stunning Jacaranda tree! I love the colours of the flowers! 

Damarise's and my feet at the Malawi border crossing. 

Entering Mozambique. 

The car on the Mozambique side. 

Ok, so this was totally awesome! Two years ago on October 4th we entered Mozambique (for the first time) now, two years later on the exact same day we were entering Mozambique again! How cool is that?! We now have two stamps for Mozambique in our passport on the same date... but 2 years apart! Amazing! 

Damarise's and my feet on the Mozambican side. 

And the beautiful Mozambican flag welcoming us back into its wonderful country! 

We got home Sunday afternoon safe and soundly! It's nice to be back and see my siblings! After the fist day without them I realized just how much I missed them! Life was incredibly boring! I don't how I'll survive college without them! Anyways, it's nice to be back home as a family! :)

Oh, and thank you all SO much for your prayers for Damarise and I as we took the SAT! The Lord most definitely helped us! Everything seemed to go smoother and easier. Especially the essay! So thank you! 

Extra: While we were in the car, Ouma had changed her mind about something and Dad and Oupa were saying how she couldn't change her mind that wasn't fair. Haha, I loved her reply and thought I'd put it here.
"What is a mind for except to change it?"
Hehe, that was great :)

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