Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Kiddie Day

Today was a day full of kids! This morning Damarise and I headed down to the VI office to watch all the VI kiddos who don't go to the SIL school. We had fun :) The kids are always a joy to hang out with and can put a smile on my face :)

Noah and Camiel found and captured a gecko. I felt so bad for the poor little gecko. He was being squished! After about a half hour of holding and playing with him they let it go :) 

Cute Crocs! Pep, one of the nice stores here, got in a bunch of them and most all the mom's went to buy some for their kids :P

Emily was telling me what she got for her 5th birthday. Her favourite present was a bag of straws! :) Hehe, so we were talking about how cool straws are and what our favourite coloured straws are. :)

An artistic shot of Damarise's capri buckle. Nice one Damarise! 

Aw! Three happy friends! Emily, Renata, and Asher. 

Happy!!! :D I love Cohen's face!

Nora and Noah digging out a whole... or getting "chocolate" for their chocolate factory. 

Renata eating snack. 

Popcorn! Mmmm

Cool water bottles!

Damarise's eyes... :P 

Feet feet feet :)

Yeah! Christian smiled and laughed this time!!!

The cooks and workers for the "chocolate" factory.

Smile :D

At 11:30 we came back home from babysitting, packed lunch and headed to SIL to watch the kids during their lunch break. At 1:30pm we taught the 1st and 2nd grader's art class. It was fun!!

At 2:30pm school got out and Damarise and I hung out at SIL 'til 4pm when Ms. Charity and Ms. Sharon came with their kids for us to watch while they walked around the track. 

Asher is strong! He could swing on the rope really well!

Noah, Camiel and Thomas digging for gold :P 

About 5:30pm we came back home :D It was a long day (and totally wore me out!) But it was worth it! Kids are so fun!!! :D

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