Friday, October 24, 2008

A Fun Filled Friday!

Yep! Fun filled! That's what my Friday was! 

So... I woke up :D Yeah! 'Tis always a fabulous way to start the day! Took a shower. Which was lovely since the day before the city was without water until 10am. And got ready to head over to the Woodrow's place. Ian and some friends were going over there to help work on the hospital. So we girls tagged along to hang out with the Woodrows and do school :D

Before we left, Andrew came in the room to show me his pirate outfit. Pretty good eh? (I love the left leg :P

We girls actually did get school work done :) And had fun in the process! :P

While we were at the Woodrows, Elijah (Esther's brother) invited Ian to spend the night. So we got to have Esther spend the night with us! Fun fun!!

Esther and Sarah had fun with different hair gel type stuff :P Haha

Anywhoodle, there's my fun filled Friday in a nutshell :P  :D And it was.... fun filled!!!

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