Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spectacularly Super Sunday!

Sunday was a wonderful day. Simply wonderful in every way! 

I woke up to an amazing breakfast of hot, homemade pancakes with Mom's cinnamon syrup and peanut butter. Yum! After breakfast we got ready for church. Last week Mom had a Mozambican dress made for herself and she got to wear it to church this Sunday. It is so cute and makes Mom look so African :) 

Once at church we met up with a group of people outside and said, "Hi" (well, in Portuguese of course.) and got kisses on both cheeks. We then walked in to church and were greeted with a cool gust of wind... because... *drum roll!* our church got fans! :) It was so nice! They had their Day of Grace a couple weeks ago and someone donated fans to the church. It was a pleasant surprise and made it a lot cooler inside of the church. Yeah! 

After church, we (most of the church) went to a lady's house back in a bairo to sing and pray with her and give our condolences to her. Her mom passed away sometime during the week. She, the mom, was 90 years old! That's amazingly old for here! 

After spending time there, we headed out to the Woodrow's place! :) Mom and Dad had planned to go to Mt. Nairuco with the Stolks so we kids stayed with the Woodrows for the afternoon and had a swell time!

We got to the Woodrows and Bethy was making lunch. They were also showing us their new fridge! They had bought this fridge three years ago (yes, you heard me right three years ago!) and it finally got shipped over here (it was in South Africa). They were thrilled to have it! And it is really nice and cold! :) Anyways, back to where I was... ah, yes. Bethy was cooking up a scrumptious lunch. She made potato salad, which was mouthwatering! It had pickles in it! Yum! She also made Sloppy Joes! Mmm. Oh, sorry to bump into the story again, but while over there we had a question and I thought I'd ask my readers and see what you all think. Here's the story. 

The Woodrows had made Sloppy Joes when they had over another friend. This friend told them that the meat part was called Sloppy and the bread was the Joe. Now, Bethy thinks that is true, but the rest of us are kinda iffy on that one. We think the meat is called the Sloppy Joe and you put it in bread. So, my question is: When eating Sloppy Joes, is the bread called Joe and the meat Sloppy or is it all just Sloppy Joe?

Ok, sorry for the interruption, here's back to my wonderful Sunday. :)

 After lunch, which was great! We decided to play some games. First choice was Murderer in the Light.

Here's some pictures of us playing :)

Ah! Kent's winking! (if the murderer winks at you, you die 3 seconds later) and Benaiah's scared... runnn...

Time for "Who do you think did it?". Sarah has her accusation ready... Andrew looks a lil' lost and as for Gracie... haha.. who knows :)

Bethy and I :) Aw! What a great friend! 

Haha.. not sure what was happening here. Kent making sure Gracie wasn't the murderer and Andrew hopping on for the ride :P

Woah! Close up of Andrew! 

And Benaiah... he looks a lil' lost :P

The Sarah's petting Sparkle. Aww what a cute dog!

Bethy was on a delicious cooking spree :) She made these...umm... I'm not sure what they were. They were like a donut type texture covered in chocolate and coconut :) Mmmm... She is one amazing cook!

Just hanging out as a family :D

After playing Murderer in the Light, we played Charades! Kent, Gracie, Sarah, Benaiah and I were on a team and Damarise, Bethy, Ian, Andrew and Andrew W. were on another one. It was fun!! My team did open heart/bypass surgery extremely exaggerated. With huge knives, shots, and not very sanitary. Haha, and then at the end of the surgery the guy who just got heart surgery had a heart attack and all of doctors ran over picked him back up and started again :) We also did flying on an airplane... complete with a fat guy who squishes you, talks to much, and chews like a llama! The annoying kid behind your seat who bumps, knocks, and plays drums on your head.  And that person who always leans their seat way back in your lap... which also happened to be the annoying kid's mom so she was yelling back to him a lot. :) Haha! It was fun! ... The other team did a scene from Pride and Prejudice and Pirates of the Caribbean. It was cute :)

When we were done with Charades we went outside, sat in a circle and threw the volleyball back and forth. Every time you had the volleyball though you had to say one memory about being Woodbulls (our family Woodrow & Turnbull) or even before. :D It was really neat to hear all the different memories that we all have :) We have had some good times together!!! I love my family! :D

After playing that for a while, Mom and Dad came back. Time always flies when all of us Woodbulls hang out together. We talked about some stuff and then headed on home. It was sad, but I had a wonderful Sunday!

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