Saturday, September 27, 2008


1. One week from today, Damarise and I will be taking the SAT. Wow! I'm, again, nerve racked! Please pray for us on October 4th as we take it. Thank you!

2. Speaking of october 4th, I have dubbed that day, "Day of Adventure". Why? Two years ago marks the day we arrived in Mozambique, Africa! That was one huge adventure! October 4th, 2007, marked living in one place the longest since Canada! Wow! And this year's big adventure, ah yes, the daunting SAT. 

3. The hot season is back and active. Kicking it into high gear right away. One day it was "cold" the next it was unbearable. If you move a lil' bit you feel like a melting puddle of mush! It is hot! Can't wait for the rains to begin though! 

4. I watched "Bridge to Terebithia" again last night. It's so sad! I've seen it three times and still start bawling at the sad part :'(

5. I'm trying to think of random facts that I won't make into a post... hmmm... :)

6. Right now I'm watching Damarise trying to play a song on the piano. It's quite the scene. She has our lil' speakers on the edge of the piano attached to her iPod (which is playing the song) sitting in front of her. Her left elbow is smashing down three of the keys and her head is resting on her left hand while her right hand is playing the song. Haha, she looks thrilled :) 

7. In a little of seven months we will, Lord willing, be back in the States! Wow! Time has flown by!

8. Ok, this is all the randomness that I can think of right now. Instead of thinking up lil' random tad bits of what's been happening, I'm think of stuff to post about :P Aw well. Thanks for reading this random post! 

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