Friday, July 11, 2008

School Daze

"Some say school is cool.
Others say school's a duel.
Addition and Grammar fighting to be,
The highest priority inside of me.
Kicking and wrestling tryin' to be heard,
Yet all I hear is something absurd!
All that info piled in my brain,
Starts to leak like a rusty ol' drain.
And when it's time for that notorious test
My brain starts to flutter. It won't take a rest.
The question before me is 1 x 3.
My brain reels
And then squeals.
'It couldn't be three
That's to easy you see.'
So my brain spits then sputters.
My pencil burns rubber,
and there before me the answer stands.
There it is between my hands.
'1 x 3 = funnery fun x - y = lay not lie'
It's a rather long answer, but only right.
For what my brain tells me that do I write."

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