Sunday, February 17, 2008

One Birthday, Two Birthdays, nooo, THREE Birthdays!

For us, February is Birthday Month. Why? 'Cause in February we have mom's birthday (The 8th) Sarah's Birthday, (the 10th) And Damarise's (The 12th)

Mom's Birthday was fun:) the pic says it all! look at all those big smiles:) hehe
and here's a poem i wrote for mom:)
A Supermom is one of a kind,
In fact you're that hero I had in mind.
Striving to follow God all the day,
While helping us out with school or play.
Yes, You are that hero who helps us out,
Without even giving one little pout.
No matter the hour, you're there on the double,
Helping us out with each minor trouble.
Without a doubt that Supermom is you,
and I just wanna say, "Happy Birthday to YOU!"

For all our birthdays, we get to pick out a Breakfast and a dinner and dessert that is our favourite and we get it that day. So for Sarah's birthday breakfast she picked bagels, something that you can't buy here, so mom made them! mmm, they were GOOD!

Sarah's 14!!! Woah!

Damarise turned 18 this year!!! *gulp* WOW!! She is getting old!!! :)

And that was all the birthdays... in a nutshell:)

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