Thursday, November 01, 2007

Painting, painting, painting

Well, us three girls were tired of our room colour.... it has been light yellow ontop, dark yellow on bottom, for as long as we've lived here. So last night Damarise, Ian, Andrew and I took off all the pictures and ticky-icky-tack off our wall, Sarah took off all her horse pics and yah, our wall is empty with a capital "E"! So then this morning mom took Damarise and I and our guard Mario to the paint store.... Well, sorta. ;) Living in Mozambique isn't that easy;) hehe. We went to the first one but paint was kinda expensive, so we went to store number 2. And they didn't have the colour we wanted. So what do we do? we go to store number 3! ;) tee hee hee:) And no they didn't have it either, so back we go to store number one:) And they didn't have the colour we wanted! So we picked out some different colours, and there was this painter there and he's like, "I'll paint for you!!" haha he asked us like 3 different times and mom was like," no, no, the girls want to paint!" So then Mario told him that us girls wanteed to learn how to paint;) hehe.... Anywho, we ended up buying Periwinkle *the purplish/blue colour* and Tornado *the green*This afternoon Damarise, Sarah and I will be moving everything out of the room and sand down the bottom half of the walls since it is a gloss paint! wow! :)...And yes, i'll be posting pics of us painting the room:) yay!! Can't wait! Okk I think that is all.
Until next time,
tchau from Mozzieland:)

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