Tuesday, August 08, 2006

the last couple of days in a "nutshell"

Friday: We left MO and came to my home: Arkansas:-D It was soo nice to be back! As soon as we entered the state it started raining. Aw, i love AR rain! it has such a homey smell:) .. Anyways, we got to the Bennetts and Victoria had fixed us a delicious meatloaf:) and emily made ginger snaps:) mmm. So yah, me and damarise played card games with them all night:-P tee hee hee

Saturday: Victoria and Emily made reallly good cinnamon buns:)

After breakfast we went to the Kings for a youth swim party:) ... after that we went to the Ellenbargers :) And of course we had FUUUUN!!:)

Sunday: Church!! It was sooo lovely to be in our home church!!!!

Monday: We left the Bennetts:( And came to the Kings:) We got to their house, and watched Caleb while Mrs. King went to the Dr. .. actually we really didn't watch him cuz he was asleep:-P haha. Anyways, then we went swimming.
And ate a delicious dinner;)

Played with Caleb!

And just had fun:-P

Tuesday: .... well that's today... so i guess i'll tell you what we did later:-P

Have a super super day!!!

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thai-chic-29 said...

well, guys..im sooo sorry..i cant finish my stories till later..but i have to go to bed..or my parents will kill me..i love you both so much!!<33