Saturday, December 01, 2012

A Month of Thanksgiving: Ooops, it's December!

I don't think I have known the meaning of busy until this week. This week and the coming week are busy to the fullest meaning of the word – papers due, projects to complete, lessons given, tutoring, unit planning, meetings, and wrapping everything up for Christmas break. The busyness has also been filled with good things – catching up with friends, going to a concert with a friend, being back with my fifth graders at school, and have good conversations with different people.

But, all that to say, I am sorry for not completing the month of Thanksgiving posts. I had high hopes for doing it everyday this year, but I didn't realize that the Month of Thanksgiving was also Month of Busy!

However, I wanted to wrap up with one last post for the Month of Thanksgiving. And post some pictures of what I am thankful for.

I'm thankful for extended family! It was wonderful to see them over Thanksgiving. 

I'm thankful for Faith and Sonya and their friendship. I eat lunch with them every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and I am so blessed by them. They are encouraging, funny, and thoughtful. I am so thankful that God placed us in the same house this summer and that we are still good friends! 

Last night was the senior social. I am thankful that I am a senior. I am thankful for this wonderful college that God has provided for both me and Damarise to go to. I am thankful for getting to socialize last night. I haven't gotten to hang out with so many friends in a long time and it was wonderful! And I am so thankful for Janessa and Bethany! The four of us have been close friends since freshmen year and we have stayed friends throughout. I love them!

I am thankful for my Elementary Education family! They really have become family to me. I feel comfortable around them. We laugh together, share stories, tell our hopes and fears for student teaching. These are girls who I trust and love and I am so thankful for them in my life! I could not have imagined this semester without any of them. They each add something to the class and I just love them all!
(We were missing four in the picture... but I love the ones who are missing too!!) 

It's December, but that doesn't mean that thankfulness needs to stop. It's been good to reflect on each day and realize all that God has blessed me with. ... Hopefully I'll post again soon, but we'll see how bust life gets. Until then...

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