Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Two Saturdays ago, Damarise and I moved into our first home! After figuring out that money would be saved by us moving off campus, and after not wanting to be in the dorm for another year, God blessed us with a cozy little one room house behind a wonderful Covenant staff family. We couldn't be happier!

Here are a few views of the house:

This is the kitchen. I love the long counter and the two windows. They are wonderful for my plants. (Also, Davey and I were making a Calzone... which is also something I am SO thankful for – finally being able to cook again!)

This is a rug that Mrs. Hoffman made for us. We love how it fits snuggly under our bathroom sink.

We bought a coffee table from Ikea. Damarise put both a coffee table and a nightstand together in the time it took me to put together a lamp. Damarise is a pro! 

This is our dining room/kitchen area. We could not be more thankful with how open it is. It is perfect for having guests over and we have enjoyed opening our home to several fellow classmates throughout the past week, whether it be for meals or just letting them relax on our couch and get away from campus for a bit.

This is the living room view from the kitchen. The door leads to our bedroom. The couch came with the apartment and it is one of the most comfortable things I have ever sat on!

This is the other side of the living room.

And last, but certainly not least– the bedroom. This is my bed and I love it! 

There you have it. A glimpse into our home. We love it and are so thankful for it! It has been fun to start a lot of firsts – like buying toilet paper for the first time in our lives! It is exciting and I can't wait to see all that is in store for us. 


HaBr92 said...

Hannah, this sounds so exciting! :) And let me tell you there is a lot of stuff in stores! Especially when you go to wallmart! :)

Laura Anne said...

Wow! That looks downright cozy!

Sorry you didn't get the memo that church was not at our house when you came. I missed seeing you.