Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Days

Summer days- adventures, time spent with friends, road trips, trying new things, laughing, bonding, wonderful. 

Last weekend we went on a summer adventure with Micah to celebrate his birthday (about a month after his birthday...). We went to Atlanta and saw some fun sights, but mostly had a great time hanging out together! 

We went to Ikea and sat on a couch in one of the sample rooms while reading a book out loud to each other. 

We walked everywhere and when we didn't walk we took the Marta (subway). We only got lost a few times, but getting lost is always one of the best parts of an adventure!

We laid down on the grass and watched the sun set over the Atlanta skyline. ... And we made goofy faces at the camera. 

This weekend we hung out downtown with Faith. We went to an antique store to see what we could find. We found some crazy things. 

Damarise was too excited about this!

Probably the best wreath ever. 

I got to try new things – like a bacon yogurt sample from Greenlife and a bacon donut at a donut shop. Yum!

Then we met up with some of our house mates over the summer and hung out with them while walking around Chattanooga. They are wonderful. 

Summer is off to a great start. I'm reminded of how blessed I am to have a job, have amazing friends, live in a beautiful place, and be loved by God. Summer 2012 will be great! 

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mjwets216 said...

seeing these pictures makes me miss you guys so much!!!