Friday, February 10, 2012


Today my little sister isn't so little anymore. In fact, she is now an official adult. Craziness! 
Happy 18th Birthday, Sarah! 
I am so thankful for her! I'm thankful for her fun attitude in so many things. I'm thankful for her way of making others aware of our Creator. I'm thankful for her love of animals. I'm amazed at her drawing ability. I love her humor and the way she finds joy in so many things. All in all, I'm blessed to have a sister like Sarah. 
Today I'm thanking God for her and the blessing she's been in my life and I'm sure in SO many other's lives.
I love you, Sarah!

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Siân said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Sarah! Today is Jemima's birthday too - she's 5 today, and I can't really believe that either...