Sunday, February 12, 2012


Today my older sister turns twenty-two. 
Happy Birthday, Damarise! 
I am thankful for her. So, so thankful for her! She isn't just my older sister, but also one of my closest and bestest friends. I'm thankful for her caring personality. She's always looking for what we can do for others and helping them out. I'm thankful for her perseverance in pursuing what she wants to do in her life. I'm thankful for the example she is to be of someone who loves those who are younger than her and respects (and loves) those older than her. I'm thankful for her care for me and her willingness to listen to my not so important stories. I'm thankful that we can go to the same school together and be roommates. I'm thankful that today we get to celebrate another day of life. I am thankful to God for Damarise. 
I love you, Damarise!

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