Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rest (Thankful: Day 19)

I'm thankful for Saturdays! They are always restful, sometimes productive, and normally spent with friends. Today I'm thankful:

  • For sleep!
  • That I'm almost done with my paper... 43 more words!
  • For a clean room.
  • That we got to play games with Courtney and Will.
  • For homemade chocolate chip pancakes.
  • For Virginia! And playing games in her room. 
  • For friends on the hall and lots of laughter!
  • That in exactly one month Damarise and I will be in Zambia celebrating Dad's birthday with the family! 
  • That Damarise trimmed my hair... really well too!
  • For friends from the summer that randomly pop into our room. 
  • For curling up in a warm bed and listening to Harry Potter until we're too tired to stay awake. 
Thank you God for Saturdays and for all your blessings!

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