Friday, August 12, 2011

Goodbye Summer, You will be missed!

The blank walls and packed totes lying around the room are screaming change.

Tomorrow at 4:30pm, my Summer is over. Work is done, Summer is over, and adjusting back to academic life begins. Part of me just wants to stop time, to hold onto this Summer forever. It has been a wonderful one. I'm so thankful to God for all He has done this Summer. I thought a fitting post about the end of Summer would be one that reflected on some of the major points of the Summer – some deep, some random, but all memorable.

1). My trip to Budapest. I still can't believe I got to go there and be part of ICSB for a month. It was one of the greatest hands-on experiences I've ever been a part of. It confirmed my calling to education, and was just a wonderful time!

2). A job! This is the first time that I have had a summer job. Most summers are filled with traveling around with the family, visiting various churches and supporters, but this Summer, with the family over in Zambia, Damarise and I stayed here at Covenant College and worked for Facility Services. It may not have been the coolest and most fun job ever, but it was one that I loved and am SO thankful for. The people who I worked with were phenomenal. My bosses were wonderful and always encouraging. All in all, my Summer job was excellent.

3). Living on my own...ish. Damarise and I lived on our own this Summer. We had to fend for ourselves with making meals and the like. It was great. We loved planning out what we would make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and trying to make it in the cheapest way possible. Micah helped us make meals and pitched in money for buying the food. We all had a blast being in the kitchen together and making meals.

4). Our trip to Maryland Virginia. Ah, the most memorable road trip of all time. The one where we lost a transmission, got another car, and lost that transmission. All in less that 24 hours. Memorable... that's the bets word I can use. We all learned a lot about trusting and relying on God. We also learned that that kind of thing makes for a crazy story that some people just can't believe. Even though we never made it to our final destination, God used that trip to help all of us become better friends. :) Transmission "jokes" tend to come up whenever the four of us drive together.

5). My Fraiser Fir trees. Yes, Twig One and Twig Two are now dead, but they were great trees while they were alive. I loved watering them outside every morning and enjoying the peacefulness of the morning while doing it... It's something I'll miss.

6). Learning how to drive... almost. Within the last few weeks I have had Damarise, Micah, and a friend from Pasha's Coffee (Matt) helping me learn how to drive. It's been wonderful to have all this help and encouragement in driving. Maybe I'll actually get my license!

7). Random Walks. I've finally figured my way around some of the trails around these parts. It's been great to go out on random walks, or sit on a rock and watch the sun set while reading my Bible and talking to God. That has definitely been a huge thing I am thankful for this Summer. God has been teaching me a lot through His Word. It's been great. I've also loved watching rainstorms with Damarise and Micah, and picking blackberries on one of our hikes through the woods. It's been great to just enjoy God's creation!

8). The friends that I've gotten to hang out with this Summer. I love all the time that we have to just hang out with people and get to know good friends even better and also make new friends. It's been such a blessing.

To wrap up the Summer, I just want to thank God for it. It has been one of the best Summers of my life, and I am SO thankful for it! The blank walls are still staring at me, and the filled totes are still on the floor waiting to be moved to a new location. Summer is ending and change is imminent. But I am trusting in the God who is unchangeable. It is He who will help me as I adjust back to academic life and I can't wait to see all that He has in store for this coming semester. It'll be exciting!

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