Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Visit to Savannah

A few weekends ago Damarise and I attempted roadtripping again. This time we made it to our destination without any problems! Yeah! Our destination was Savannah, GA to visit a wonderful friend from school, Bethany. 

Bethany toured us around her home for the summer. It was a very relaxing weekend and it was wonderful to catch up with Bethany again. 

Here are just a few pictures of our time with Bethany in Savannah. 

The three of us in one of the many squares throughout Savannah.

We found a Bull Street... and yes, we turned. ( ;) ) 

We stopped into many different shops. This one had lots of delicious treats. 

A Dot Stop :)

The weekend didn't last long enough, and before we knew it we were headed home again. But, it was great to get away for a bit and visit with a great friend! Thanks Bethany! 


Janessa said...

I'm trying not to laugh audibly as I sit at the front desk at work because you guys are always so animated in all your pictures. I'm pretty sure you take that last one on every single road trip you take. Haha.
Miss you love you kissie kissie

Whatleys' World said...

Yeah!!! How fun! Dot.. you look like your mom!!!! :) Wow! Ok... we enjoyed a bike trip to Yogya to get our eyes checked... we will be 40 this year, you know! Shane had funky water stuff on eye. Dr. not worried... we both got new glasses that we will pick up next Saturday. 2hr+ drive there and 2hr+ drive back.

Savories of Life said...

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