Friday, July 01, 2011

O Canada!

Happy Canada Day!! 

I know I'm not from Canada, but having lived there for two years I feel like I too should get the privilege of celebrating this great day with all other Canadians. Maybe that's just my thinking... 

Regardless of whether or not I can celebrate Canada Day, I thought I would share a few fun things about how Canada relates to me...

1). The first time I celebrated Canada Day was July 1st, 2003. We were in Jungle Camp (missionary training had us build a house out of duct tape, screen, and plastic, and live in it for 30 days...Jungle Camp...) and because Jungle Camp took place in Canada we celebrated Canada Day with fireworks, strawberries, and ice cream. Yum!

2). I knew the Canadian anthem word for word before I knew the American anthem word for word. 

3). Canada is probably the cleanest country I've ever lived in. I don't remember ever seeing litter there...

4). I love the way Canadians say "about". 

5). I would not mind living in Canada again! 

Happy Canada Day! 

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Whatleys' World said...

Aw!! :) I'm glad SOMEONE got to celebrate it for us! We were busy moving.... I have our flag out back now on our NEW back porch. :)

Big hugs!