Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Goodbyes are Coming

It was brought up when I told my professors why I would be missing class on Monday.

It was brought up when Damarise got the confirmation email on our plane tickets.

It was brought up in the Chapel Department meeting today when I was asked if I had any prayer requests.

It was brought up at Starbucks when the cashier asked about my Africa necklace and if my family was there.

It's something that we both knew would be coming. Yet, it still seems a little surreal that it is actually here. When we call the family and hear them talk about packing, saying good-byes, and taking immunizations, we feel as if we are missing out on our life.

Only, this isn't our life anymore. This time the Traveling Banana isn't the one going to another country. This time Damarise and I are the ones staying behind. It's weird to talk about, because it's weird that this is actually happening.

This is the week where Damarise and I head back to Missouri to say good-bye to our wonderful family. This is the week where we drive away from Missouri and they fly away to Africa. This is a week where God's peace and faithfulness is covering us and we can truly say that it is well with our souls.

I may update before this weekend comes, but if I don't, would you mind praying for our family this week? It will be tough to say good-bye knowing that this good-bye isn't for a few months at school but rather a few years.

We are resting in God's faithfulness and peace, knowing that He is the planner of our lives, and He is with us even if we are spread throughout the globe. What a wonderful peace to rest in. And thank you for your prayers.

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laura08 said...

I will be praying. May God be with you as He has promised.