Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Blessing of a Week

The snow days are coming to an end and school will for sure begin on Monday. It's been a bizarre start to the semester, having everyone back on campus for a week with no classes or work, but it has been a blessing of a week. Honestly, I would love it if every semester started like this.

We have had a week full of making friendships stronger. Normally when we come back to school, classes are the easiest to get used to. It's the friendships that require the time to dive back into and sometimes that can take anywhere from a day to weeks, depending on how often I'm around that person. But this week was spent getting to know my hallmates better, spending time with friends who I don't see often, and building upon good friendships.

I wish I could capture every moment of this week for you, but that would be a very long blog post (and I don't have that great of memory). But some of the highlights of this past week would include:

•Being picked up from the airport by Bethany's smiling face. •Wondering if snow would actually be coming. •Waking up Monday to 8" of fresh snowy powder! •Helping Janessa rearrange her room. •Watching out the windows as two more inches of snow and ice fell. •Hanging out with Janessa, Bethany, Virginia, and Emily. •Going on a hike through a snowy forest with Katie, Damarise, Bethany, and Janessa (It felt like being in Narnia!). •Doing a puzzle with Micah, Davey, Janessa, and Damarise. •Watching a TV show with Virginia, Damarise, Janessa, and Emily. •Enjoying Virginia's snowcream! •Knitting. •Talking with Janessa. •Hearing that classes would be canceled all week. •The All-Hall meeting and praying together. •Getting most of my textbooks from the mailroom! •Another puzzle with Micah, Davey, Janessa, and Damarise. •A hike down to the bluff with Micah, Davey, Katie, Damarise, and Janessa. •Zumba. •A round of Canasta. •Madgab! •Excited about getting homework via email. •Having everyone safely back on the hall. •Couch and Cake Catchphrase game. •An RUF worship time. •Cece's and Chattanooga to celebrate Bethany's 20th with Janessa and Damarise. •Snow falling on my face (Thanks to Janessa). •Seeing a man with a leaf blower blowing his snow. •Getting dollar coins. •Laughing with Janessa about old blogposts. •Playing Spades and Estimation with Caleb. •Watching Courtney and Will rearrange his room. •Playing scrabble with Micah. •Laughing with the family over Skype. •Celebrating Bethany's birthday.

And that's not even all of it. I'm so thankful to God for this wonderful way to start a new semester. I'm thankful for the good friends He has blessed me with and for the ways He has allowed friendships to flourish this past week. I'm thankful that He is so faithful.

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